G-Cast!! Episode Foooooore!!!

The first four G-Cast episodes have been removed from our rss feed because we feel they don’t represent the quality we want for our show. They were meant to be test episodes from the beginning and will still be available to listen to or download on the site. So, if you’re really curious about how the G-Cast all started, click the link below… I warned you though.

Listen to Episode 4 here (right click to download).

Original Description:

It is here! The fourth and final test episode of G-Cast. In this bundle of ridiculously sexy sounds, we talk about the third party’s press conferences (Ubisoft and EA) and touch a little bit on Germany’s Gamescom. We’ll be discussing Battlefield 3, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Mass Effect 3, and more. Next Friday will be the first episode of what G-Cast will probably sound like from here on out. The events will be recent and the episodes will be shorter. What’s that you say? Every moment you get to hear our voices is a gift from god? What you say may be is definitely true, but we think some people might find a 30-40 minute podcast ideal (unless we get a ridiculous amount of emails/comments opposing this). Next week, we will be covering TGS and talking about what pieces of news caught our eye. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes here!