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Welcome to DR. G-Man, a website run by two ridiculously handsome men dedicated to writing blog posts, recording podcasts, and lying to their fans about how ridiculously handsome they are. The site was created out of the frustration that emerges from working at a retail gaming store for 5 years. My co-worker, Ivan “Dante” Bernabe, and I noticed that every day had one redeeming quality, We got to talk about games. A lot. This website is a product of our love for video games and a first step to talking about something we love for a living. With the help of a fan or two, hopefully we can provide quality commentary on the subject for a long time.


As you’ll notice, G-Cast takes up the front page of our site. This is our primary piece of content for your consuming pleasure. Season one is done (rhymed!) and season two is well underway. Every episode is dedicated to reviewing games, answering questions (email at drg@drgman.com), and talking about news and the industry. Anything and everything game related is up for grabs in our show. Download it on iTunes here or listen right on the site.

Our blog is for our astute little followers out there who like to catch up on reviews, news, and previews through the magical wonder of reading. The blog isn’t updated every day, but it provides an outlet for us to convey information to our fans in a different way and sometimes allows us to express feelings about subjects that didn’t make it onto our G-Cast.

I hope you enjoy the site and make sure to check out our FAQ section for any more questions you might have like: Why is the site called DR. G-Man? Or What’s with the nicknames? Or Seriously you guys, how DID you both get that ridiculously handsome? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and make sure to comment or email with any questions you might have. Thanks for the support!

-David “DR. G” Galanter