343 Announces Headlong (giggity!)

With TGS in full swing, there has been a lot of game news. Despite being in Japan, Microsoft wasted no time showing off a new Halo 2 map for Halo: CE Anniversary.

Breakneck: It was called Headlong back in Halo 2. This was one of the more interesting maps from the2004 installment. It was open enough for vehicles but closed off enough to make the Energy Sword a tool of destruction. With its multiple buildings and streets to explore, Headlong was one of the bigger maps in Halo 2. 1 Flag CTF matches would take hours, thanks to the long journey carrying the flag from one base to the other. It will be exciting to explore the riches this level offered once more.


Other maps that have been announced before are:

Timberland: From Halo: CE on PC. For many of us Halo Fans, this will be the first time playing on this map, but for some of us, it will bring back warm fuzzy moments of playing Halo: CE online with mouse and keyboard. This map was on the bigger side. It could hold 16 players nicely and had a lot of vehicles to play around with. I didn't get to play this level as much as I would have liked, so it’s nice to hear it’s coming back.

Prisoner: From Halo: CE, and one of my personal favorites, Prisoner is a very tall map with many ramps and ladders leading up to the top. The vertical gameplay made this one of my favorite Juggernaut maps. You could feel like a Predator looking down on your prey. Maybe even feeling bad about what you are about to do to them, but knowing that won't stop you. Prisoner is going to be a fun map to go back to and try out some new game-types with.

Installation 04: The new Firefight map. This area is taken out of the second level of the Halo: CE campaign. At the end of that level, you are asked to defend your position until pelicans arrive to rescue you and a group of trapped marines. It supports ally AI players that fight alongside you (a first for Firefight). So whether you are playing alone, or with friends, it will be a fun place to defend over and over again.

Damnation: Another map that I loved. With a giant waterfall flowing right into a Covenant base, and being one of the tallest maps in the game, made this a map to be remembered! It has plenty of good vantage points for snipers or close quarters for down and dirty shotgunners. This level had it all except vehicles. There was rarely a dull moment.

Battle Creek: Most people know it as Beaver Creek in Halo 2. This was a small confined space that was easy to memorize but hard to master. I played more CTF matches on this map than any other, and was the most played at all my LAN parties. I bet you can’t find a single Halo fan that doesn’t have a story on this level. I can't wait to storm the creek once more.

It was also announced that there will be two versions of each map. The Classic version and the Enhanced version. The Classic version stays true to the original map. Enhanced versions, have been changed to incorporate the armor abilities from Reach. The Halo: CE pistol will be making a comeback as well. In gametypes named “Anniversary,” the pistol will become the Halo: CE pistol with 3 shot kills. We will have a full review when Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary releases November 15th 2011.