Promise Broken: Turns out 1943 Doesn't Come with Battlefield 3 reported this morning that Battlefield 3 is missing a piece of content EA promised us back in June. At E3, the company told us they would include a copy of Battlefield 1943 with the PS3 version of Battlefield 3. Turns out this isnt entirely accurate... at all. 

Not too long ago, EA also announced the DLC maps would come to PS3 a week before 360. What was seen as simply another perk of the the ps3 version, was actually a replacement. When the game came out, a short explanation was posted on the game's twitter feed, saying the week early maps are there to compensate for the missing 1943. It's bad enough to promise a piece of content and not deliver, it's even worse to not let your fans know till after launch.

The release on both platforms have been everything but smooth. I was attempting to play online with friends (yes, i have them) on the 360 version last night, and the EA servers were down. After deciding to just play single player, the opening cutscene repeated multiple times before i had to quit out manually. Apparently this is a known issue. A lot of titles have a rough day one, but this is among some of the worst.

Anyone else having the same issues? Post in our comments about it! Don't worry. People will be nice. It's the internet!