Grand Theft Auto V Announced!

It's been three years without a peep from the Houser brother's Grand Theft Auto team at Rockstar North. That's a long time to wait for just a simple announcement of their next title. Today, the wait is over.

Rockstar updated their website this morning with a picture that simply says "Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 11.02.11." This means we still have a little more than a week before actually seeing the game, but at least Rockstar has finally admitted that they're working on it.

It'll be interesting to see what GTAV will look like. GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas all looked very similar. Rockstar started fresh with GTAIV, with no cross overs or cameos of characters from the last 3 games. Since this new iteration has a number (instead of a subtitle), It's hard not to wonder if it will stay in the same universe as GTAIV, or if it's starting anew again.

We will have more details on November 2nd when the trailer launches.