Three's Company Tooooo!

The first four G-Cast episodes have been removed from our rss feed because we feel they don’t represent the quality we want for our show. They were meant to be test episodes from the beginning and will still be available to listen to or download on the site. So, if you’re really curious about how the G-Cast all started, click the link below… I warned you though.

Listen to Episode 3 here (right click to download).

Original Description:

Awwww yeah. Episode 3 baby! The words every Half-life fan is dying to hear (unfortunately, not in this context). In this episode, David (DR. G), Landon (DefHalan), and Ivan (Dante) sit down to talk about Sony’s E3 Press Conference. We’ll be discussing Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, PSVita, and Sony’s new 3D PlayStation monitor. Join us as we plow through another sexy sounding episode (you’re welcome world) talking about everything PlayStation with no sleep necessary. This is the third in our “test” podcasts. Tune in next Friday for the fourth and final “test” podcast when we talk about the 3rd party companies and what they offered at this year’s show. Don’t forget to email us if you have any questions (or death threats) at,, or Suscribe to our podcast on iTunes right here! Enjoy!