Dragon Quest MMO?

Dragon Quest X has been announced in Japan. Its full title roughly translated in to English is Dragon Quest X: The Wake of the Five Tribes Online. Not much has been said about the online feature, but the game is coming out for Wii with the promise of an enhanced Wii U version on the horizon. Square-Enix says there will be cross-platform play between both versions. There was also talk of using your 3DS for some StreetPass or SpotPass features but nothing official has been announced.

The Wii version comes with a USB memory stick. Most people are thinking it’s for DLC or Patches to the game after launch. The Wii version will support the Wii remote and Nunchuck or Classic Controller, but also it will support Keyboards for chat. No news about subscription fees or even if it will release outside of Japan. I sure would love to see a console MMO without subscription fees in the states but I'm not holding my breath.