Verizon FioS on your 360

Kotaku reported this morning that customers of the Verizon FioS service will be able to watch a limited number of channels on their Xbox 360. Unfortunately, you have to be subscribed to both Verizon's internet and TV package (and Xbox Live) in order to take advantage of the feature. The Xbox 360 functionality will support Kinect to surf around the menus, but there will only be 26 channels available when the feature launches next month.

Verizon will have an app on the dashboard in a month

Verizon is also offering a deal to anyone who wants to jump ship from their current non-Verizon service. For $89.99 a month, they will provide you with FioS TV, FioS internet (35mbps up and down), Verizon voice service, a year of Xbox Live, and a copy of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

The deal doesn't sound too shabby but the 360 benefit seems to be pretty low at only 26 channels. Verizon said they will be adding more over time, so it could become a sweeter deal in the months to come. The offer is only available through Jan. 21st. Make sure to check the Verizon website to see if FioS is available in your area. I've lived in a few locations around L.A. Not one had FioS as an option. Good luck to you my fellow entertainment whores!