Majora's Mask: The one shunned, the one forgotten

Ocarina of Time. Of course you remember the title. Maybe not the gameplay, the story, nor the graphics, but the name is pertinent and forever will be. But has anyone ever stopped to think about what came after? Has anyone ever stopped to think, “Hey, I remember Nintendo made another Zelda after Ocarina!” Unfortunately, the majority of the population shuns every existing title after Ocarina. Driven into a corner, mistreated and alone, the other Zelda titles struggle to stay afloat in a world ruled by favoritism. I’m here to stop such a cruel, inhumane treatment of other Zelda games. I’m here to shed a little light on their world, and show them that love exists outside. And for as little as a penny a day, you too can help raise awareness. Take a stand and say, “Hey, I remember Nintendo made The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask!”

Majora’s Mask was released two years after Ocarina of Time, and is a direct sequel to it. Set in a town called Termina, seven months after the events in Ocarina, young Link rides in on the beloved Epona to do what he does best: to be a tool for the rest of the world (half kidding). He is quickly screwed over by a skull kid wearing Majora’s Mask and forced to wear a Deku mask which turns the hero into an actual Deku. Link (the Deku) finds his way to the town, and unmasks himself into the form of a boy again. And they lived happily ever after…. Until the same damn skull kid unleashes the moon to crash into and destroy the town within three days! Fuck you skull kid! So now Link has to man (boy) up, and find the four giants who can help him stop the moon's descent.

The game is an innovator where the Ocarina can be used to slow, speed, or reverse time. Masks are also the centerpiece of the game where each can be worn to create unique effects (i.e. bunny ears make Link quicker, great fairy mask attracts fairies). Special masks can turn Link into a Deku, Gorgon, or Zora that allow Link to possess the necessary prowess to travel within specific terrains (or turn the Ocarina into awesome instruments). Four main areas are available for exploration and dungeon crawling, each with unique terrains accessible with the corresponding mask.

The combat in the game is symmetrical to its predecessor with the exception of the special moves and items associated with the special masks. Many side quests are available- more so than the predecessor- and dungeons are beefier with mask-specific puzzles. No Ganondorf though, and only a glimpse of Zelda. Oh, and the fan-girls who swooned over older Link won’t get none of that in Majora’s. Honestly though, you won’t miss them at all with this title (Especially no more "Hey, hey, hey, you motherfucker listen!"). Kicking that skull kid in the galls, and playing that cool ass guitar as the Zora are more than enough to keep this game appetizing. And at the time of its release, the new expansion pack for the N64 added new crisp textures to the game.

By far, this is a very worthy title. I give everything an A+, with reason, but few titles are very deserving like this one. Elaborate puzzles, and fresh gameplay unlike other Zelda titles make Majora’s Mask a unique and must play for any Zelda fan. But if you still bat an eyelid, I promise, you will miss out on an awesome game (that, and you just made my shit list). So again… for a dollar a day (fees went up), you too can help Majora’s Mask feel wanted and appreciated.