The Ten G-Cast-Ments!

The podcast of the century is upon us!!! Way better than the one that’s gonna air in 2048 about how aliens should fix their own planet so they’ll stop invading ours! This week: Batman: Arkham City! David, Landon, and Ivan talk for a solid hour about the new story, city, gadgets, and upgrades in the sequel to one of the best comic book games of all time. Ivan also FINALLY comes through with a jingle! Will it suck? Probably, but tune in to find out for sure! Support our Podcast and not some shitty futuristic Podcast! You wouldn’t wanna piss off those aliens. Trust me. Did you see Battlefield LA? Course not. No one did. But imagine how bad it must be! Click “Email Us” to tell us what you think! Subscribe to us on iTunes here and tune in next week when we discuss Battlefield 3!