Oh Sony, You Tickle Us

Once again the electronics giant is under attack. It was reported on 1up.com earlier today that Sony is suffering something of a security breach. The problem isn't as dangerous or large as what happened back in April, but it was confirmed that several PSN accounts have had multiple login failures on them.

If you sign in to your PSN account today and it forces you to log in again manually, you could be a part of the 0.1% of accounts affected. Sony assures the public that this is not a continuation of the big one earlier this year, and that any information used to hack into users accounts were obtained through other (illegal) means. No credit card are at risk this time around (although Sony will refund any fraudulent charges if anything happens).

The multiple failed log in attempts could lead to some users accounts being locked when you try to sign on legitly. If your account is locked, you should have received an email detailing how to unlock it and change your password.

Sony's getting really good at this "getting hacked" thing. Hopefully they'll make that an Olympic sport this year, otherwise Sony might just retain a talent for security breaches with nothing to show for it but a million angry customers. Poor rich incompetents.