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David "DR. G" Galanter


David “DR. G” Galanter is a man who knows the importance of chest hair, the value of family, and the need for video games. David spends most of his time recording podcasts, writing articles, and playing games for DR. G-Man and Default Prime (www.defaultprime.com ) where he works as a reviewer. After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts, David went on to be an actor in Hollywood for a year while working retail at a video game shop and coming home every night to game with friends or alone (mostly alone). As time went on, he realized gaming was something he wanted to explore as a profession while still providing the entertainment rush from acting. This site is the result. G-Cast provides an outlet to make jokes and have fun while talking about a subject he cares about. He hopes his work provides more doors (hehe Mordor) into the realm of entertainment and gaming commentary. Email me at drg@drgman.com.


Ivan "Dante" Bernabe

Executive Editor

A bio about me? Hmm.... My life is very ordinary. I play video games 25% of the time, read manga or watch anime 25% of the time, work or study 20% of the time, fascinate about the real or not 20% of the time, and sleep or eat the remaining 10% of the time. I play RPG's, Shooters, and Survival Horrors mostly. Some games I enjoy- by enjoy I mean freaking love to death- are: Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, Persona 3 and 4, Shadow of the Colossus, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Day of Defeat, Gran Turismo 3, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Ninja Gaiden 1, 2, and 3 (yes those are old school NES games). Current gen systems I own are 360, wii, and dsi. I might not be the strongest player in the group- a testiment of many a fails- but I do put up a fight. Games should have a life; a natural flow which imparts emotions onto players and creates a world that submerges one into a reality where "I" can be "me" simutaneously. Well... that's what I believe anyway. Email me at dante@drgman.com.


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