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Who are you people?!

This can be better answered in our staff page. Short version: We're two dudes who worked together at a game store and have always loved gaming.


Why are you doing all of this?

Because we can. That is honestly it. Working retail is a tough gig. This is a better one. Hopefully it will turn into a living someday if our GORGEOUS fans stick around long enough to get some kind of funding. On a completely separate note, you're hair/biceps look fantastic/manly.


Why is the site called DR. G-Man?

It's a mix of a few things. My name is David Richard Galanter. Me and Ivan worked retail together where there was already a David at that establishment. Since I was the new kid, everyone had to think of something else to call me. Douche Face and Shit Wit didn't settle well with me, so I decided to make a suggestion. My initials are DRG (Doctor G). My sisters and I joked that it was my "street" name growing up. I threw the nickname out there and it stuck. From then on I was DR. G, Doc, or G to them (and sometimes Douche Face). This is why the "R" is capitalized too. The "Man" at the end allows "G-Man" to be included in the name which is a reference to Half-Life. It was a name that incorporated a video game reference, my name, and our retail comradery.


Why black and orange?

Again, this is a Half-Life reference. Good enough for Valve. Good enough for us. Plus, I always knew I wanted it to be a dark looking site to simulate the dark lonely environment every gamer loves/deals with due to forced loneliness.


Why is Ivan called Dante?

In some variation or another, Dante has been part of a long line of nicknames and gamertags for our BEST Executive Editor. More questions? Email him at dante@drgman.com.


What is G-Cast?

G-Cast is a podcast we created along with the website to talk about games, answer questions, or debate issues in the gaming industry. It's available on iTunes here! You can also listen to it right here on the site. So many choices!... all two of them! It's like Mass Effect: The FAQ Question! Want me to shut up? Just click here.


Where's the rest of G-Cast Season one?

Putting together the new site was something of a struggle and/or bitch. We were able to get some of season one on the front page but the rest of the season can be listened or subscribed to on iTunes here.


-David "DR. G" Galanter