SWTOR release date announced

So after my initial outburst of geeky excitement (roughly lasting a full 15 hours), I have great news for anyone intrested in the Old Republic. Bioware has announced SWTOR's release date! North America will see it on December 20, and in Europe on December 22.

Pre-ordered copies will have early access to the game, and a color stone for a weapon. Three choices are available for pre-order: the standard game, a digital deluxe edition, and a collector's edition, priced at $59.99, $79.99, and $149.99 respectively.

The standard game will not have any extra features but is the cheapest route. The digital deluxe edition will be pre-orderable through Origin, and will include five additional items: Flare gun, holo dancer, holo cam, STAP, and training droid. The collector's edition will include: a Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue, collectible metal case, Journal of Master Gnost-Dural, Old Republic galaxy map, Custom Security Authentication Key, The Old Republic music CD, High-quality Collector's Edition box. It will also include the five items as well as an exclusive mouse droid, and collector's edition in-game store.

All packages will include 30 day free play! Huzzah!

Visit the official SWTOR site for more details, and make sure to reserve me a copy. You heard me.