The update is here in 3D!!!

By: Landon "DefHalan" Dastrup

That’s right. The 3DS has updated adding many new features. There is a new application that came with the update as well. Nintendo Zone seems like what Nintendo tried to do with the download stations in stores. (Did anyone use those?) You can go to participating stores and access free and exclusive content. It doesn’t really blow my hair back, and I don’t know of anywhere near me that is “participating.”


Now recording 3D video is finally here. You can record up to 10 minutes at a time of 3Dvideo. Just in time for the holiday season. You can have all those warm fuzzy moments of opening presents, playing with new toys, and fighting your brother for the cooler toy all recorded in 3D! There is also a way to do Stop Motion so you can create your own Robot Chicken style shorts in 3D! You can also set the camera to do Interval Shots so you could have it take a picture every 5 seconds and make a video out of it in 3D! Montage lets you record for a little, stop, and then continue recording in the same video stream later in 3D!

Now for the good stuff, Mii Plaza update. There are new picture panels in Puzzle Swap. If you haven’t gotten all the old panels, that’s ok, you can still get those. The new panels require more pieces so you will have to meet more people to get them all. Another new feature is Find Mii II. With new land to explore, more hats to wear, and more monsters to fight, it’s quite the update. Sadly, to play Find Mii II, you will have to get all the hats from the first. Flip on your 3DS and you should get an update prompt automatically. Enjoy!