Twilight Princess (Spiders... why did it have to be Spiders)

The fearless hero stood at the mouth of Hell. No matter the odds, no matter the cost, the hero would press on. Whatever may lurch, whatever may haunt, the hero was resolute. The howl of the unknown settled on his mind, but he was aware of what must be done. Stale air in his lungs and dust in his eyes told the ancient tale of the people and place. The fearless hero, sword in hand, shield on arm, weapons at ready, marched into the dungeon without a second beat. He is Link. And this is Twilight Princess.

Set on a parallel world to Ocarina a century ahead, the kingdom of Hyrule is being conquered by an evil dude named Zant using the Twilight to steal the Light from the Light Spirits. Link is thrust into the middle of everything when his friends (a couple of snot-nosed kids) and his love interest (who has a thing for horses) are captured by a goblin/orc type thingy riding a boar, and while giving chase to his love interest (forget those kids… especially the creepy girl with a crush on Link) is turned into a wolf, and forced into the Twilight Zone. He is rescued by a Twilight person named Midna, meets Zelda, is conscripted into saving the world, and before he realizes what’s going on KA-POW! He’s already Midna, Zelda, that-one-creepy-woman-who-keeps-winking-at-him, the Queen of the Zora, the Gorgon, and the Mayor of his hometowns’ bitch (I’m sure I’m missing some).

Link has to collect the tears of light for the Light Spirits in wolf form to return the balance back to the force…I mean back to Hyrule, all while helping Midna recover the Fused Shadows in human form to help her stop Zant. A tough day for Link indeed. He must feel more used than… a napkin, or a tissue, or a cup, or something. If only he still had his voice to speak up for himself, (after walking in on his parents, he’s never been the same) then people might not walk all over him.

The addition of Ganondorf in the game was more of a fan service deal. (By the way… SPOILERZ!). The story ties in the fact that Ganondorf was imprisoned in the Twilight some hundred years ago, presumably by the Link of the Past, and is the source of all chaos. Link kicks his ass faster than you can sneeze, so by the time you turn back to the screen he’s already owned by the Master Sword. 

The story is much more prevalent than previous installments. Fewer side missions are available, so be prepared to finish off relatively quick. But what drives the game is the efficiency of combat. The Wii remote acts as a guide for arrow shots, boomerang throws, claw shot clamping, and it works marvelously! Sword swinging and shield striking are a little clunky, but are a better change up than button mashing. Horseback combat has been improved twice fold so Link is able to swing his sword from side-to-side with as little as a waggle from the Wii-mote (Nintendo must be ecstatic that someone said Wii-mote). The wolf sections of the game were pretty repetative, until utilized where Link can switch between human and wolf modes.

For a delayed game well over two years… meh, for a new Zelda without the wait, was freaking sweet. Adapted into the Wii for new functionality and revved up innovation, the Twilight Princess is an awesome step forward for the series. Although not my favorite Zelda in the series, it none the less lives up to the name. So A it gets! (As a side note, those forsaken spiders scared the crap out of me, and now I sleep with my shield and sword Wii attachments at night... thanks Nintendo.)