The First Episode of G-Cast is Live!

The first four G-Cast episodes have been removed from our rss feed because we feel they don’t represent the quality we want for our show. They were meant to be test episodes from the beginning and will still be available to listen to or download on the site. So, if you’re really curious about how the G-Cast all started, click the link below… I warned you though.

Listen to Episode 1 here (right click to download).

Original Description:

Hello Cruel World! This is the first episode of G-Cast. In this episode, we dive into E3 2011 and talk about Microsoft’s press conference. We talk about Kinect, Gears of War, and give the company our official grade for this year’s show. The first 4 episodes of this podcast are very much our “test” episodes. The subject matter is a little outdated and we were testing to see what sounded the best to record with while figuring out the format of our show. After the fourth episode, we will launch into more recent events and get into what the show will sound like for the weeks to come. We hope you find our opinions interesting enough to come back next week when we talk about Nintendo’s press conference.